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The Hudson is committed to providing a truly unique experience for whatever your event needs may be.  Built in 1950, Our values, attention to detail, and unparalleled customer service, are those of a simpler time that is reflected in every aspect of who we are as a company, even the architecture of our facility. We believe in the power of families, colleagues and friends coming together, to celebrate in all aspects: mind, body, and spirit.

We serve our clients for many different types of events. Maybe it's a wedding, corporate event, or maybe you're looking for an intimate location for an art, music, fashion, concert or other event. The Hudson is sure to connect you to people in a way that no other venue can.

“The Hudson is a unique, versatile events venue located at the center of downtown Wichita. Built in 1950, The Hudson features a classic, elegant design that is at once timely and timeless.


Our desire is to provide you and your guests with an unforgettable experience. To that end, no detail will be left undone and no stone will be left unturned in the planning of your event.


The hallmark of our approach is to ensure that your time at The Hudson is of lasting value.


We know that a singular moment in time can have a significant impact on a person’s life. We know, too, that these significant moments are best shared in the company of family and friends. The Hudson seeks to be a place where such moments are captured.


From our architectural and aesthetic design, to our values and unmatched customer service – The Hudson is oriented to serve.

Weddings, Corporate Gatherings, Concerts, Art & More.

What We Offer

Classic Style

We are a venue that is built around cherishing the simple things in life. Our simple and classic style helps bring an elegance to what is really important, you. Your event is what matters at The Hudson. We provide the backdrop for your wedding to be the dream you've always had, or your business event to connect your employees and clients. At The Hudson, we understand that a special environment helps to create lasting memories.

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Attention To Detail

We take pride in our attention to detail. We are more than another venue that is a space for your guests to simply congregate. We are meticulous about the details to ensure that the bride and groom have the very best start to their fairy tale journey. Or the business that strives to communicate vision to their colleagues without distraction. Your event is not only special to you, but it's special to us which is why we ensure attention to detail is accomplished.

Exceptional Service

At The Hudson, we do more than open the doors for you to have your event. We provide exceptional service that ensures an unparalleled experience for your guests. Whether you need catering for your wedding or maybe bar service for your concert, we set up the details to provide the greatest experience in Wichita, KS.

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Meet The Team


Jessie Griffith

Director of Operations

With over 14 years in the event industry, I'm up for any challenge! Have you ever seen the movie "The Wedding Planner"? Consider me J-Lo. Although I'm not in the event planning role anymore, I am happy to offer advice on any planning topic and enjoy sharing  my wealth of knowledge.

When I'm not Directing  Operations at The Hudson, you can find me with my teenage son, or enjoying a good restaurant patio somewhere.

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Ava Johnston

Marketing and Event Manager

Being at The Hudson for over 5 years has been the perfect environment to connect with people, and encouraging their ideas to succeed. I'm all about the success of our clients as they enjoy the fruits of their event planning labor.

When I'm not investing time at The Hudson, I'm enjoying experiences with my husband and 1 year old daughter.


Jaelyn Casanova

Sales and Event Manager

Hey there! I am so excited to be the newest member of The Hudson team as the Sales and Event Manager. I cannot wait to connect with you on your wedding journey, and help in making your dream vision come to life!

Outside of the Hudson I am in full mommy mode raising (and chasing after) my 1 year old son, and spending lots of relaxing time with friends and
family. If you are ever around at The Hudson don’t be shy to say, "hi!"


  • What is the capacity?

  • How many hours come in each package?

  • What time can my event start and end?

  • Can I have my ceremony and reception at The Hudson?

  • Do you have audio/visual?

  • Can my DJ/band use your A/V?

  • The building capacity is 469 throughout all the various rooms, not including the Urban Garden. The seated capacity in our largest indoor event space is 300-350. In our smaller indoor event space, the seated capacity is 50-60. In our outdoor garden, the seated capacity is 250.
  • Our Friday, Saturday, and Sunday packages come with 10 hours. If your event is a wedding and you also book the ceremony package, that makes your total hours 12.

  • Weekday events are purchased by the hour, with a 4 hour minimum.

  • Weddings can start their timeline as early as 10:00 am and have the clean up hour as late as midnight - 1:00 am.

  • Business events are determined by the specific event need. Please inquire for optional hours.

  • Yes! We have several ceremony options for your convenience. We can completely flip the room from your ceremony to your reception while your guests enjoy a cocktail hour.

  • You can have your reception partially set up to have a quicker room flip.

  • If your guest count is around 130, you can have the room set up with your ceremony and reception and not have a room flip.

  • You can have your ceremony in our outdoor Urban Garden, and have your reception set up inside or vice versa.

  • You can have an Oscar style ceremony, where your guests are seated at the reception tables for the ceremony, therefore not having a room flip.

  • We have building-wide sound, 3 microphones for inside and 2 microphones for the Urban Garden. We also have a projector screen for slideshows and presentations, as well as a smart TV in our smaller event space.

  • Your DJ and/or band need to bring their own speakers.


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