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Bride and Groom Hug

Looking for a Wedding Hall in Wichita, KS? Our venue is timeless in design and perfect for connecting people to life's most important occasions.

The Hudson is the premier Wedding Hall in Wichita, KS. Our classic design transports you back in time to an era where families and friends would connect around special occasions. Our wedding hall helps you get away from the hustle and bustle of every day life and allows you to enjoy life's special moments. You'll find that  our venue can meet the needs of whatever type of wedding you are having. Some opt for a more modern wedding, others prefer traditional. You'll find that our space is perfectly suited for any type of wedding hall experience that you want your guests to have.

You see, at The Hudson we recognize that the environment that we create helps to bring out the most precious moments of life's greatest celebrations. Allow our wedding hall to serve you and your guests for your special day. Contact us today.


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